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Students have the opportunity to experience classes in a variety of formats: face-to-face, hybrid, and online. In fact, the entire program can be taken fully online from start to finish.

All courses have been developed to ensure students receive a deepened understanding of the professional field of Early Childhood through relevant and engaging learning experiences. Program curriculum has been aligned to Arizona Early Learning Standards, Arizona Academic standards for K-3, and NAEYC Professional Teaching Standards.


A 15-week internship pertaining to education support, human services, community-based learning, and service-learning is required. Placement may take place in public education facilities, non-profit organizations, government agencies, or various private business sectors working in the child development domain, birth through age eight or Grade 3. Students must complete all of the Early Childhood TEDV courses before they can enroll in the internship and capstone.

Action Research

Completion of the program culminates with an implementation of an action research project. Students propose and complete a mini action-research project which will be designed to bring reflection and focus to the undergraduate program and prepare students for their next adventure.



Sample Courses

TEDV 373: Early Childhood Environments

Students will be provided an overview of early childhood care and education.  Students will learn how to plan and create an early childhood program focusing on core values, naeyc, and the Arizona Early Learning standards.  Students will learn administrative duties such as how to plan for and conduct program evaluations, hire, manage finances, and market program.

TEDV 482 – Early Childhood Language and Literacy

Analysis of young children’s initial language development, early literacy development, and use of oral and written language as applied to teaching and learning. Students will develop a conceptual framework to foster optimum language and literacy development environments and developmentally appropriate strategies for children birth to grade 3.

TEDV 474: Teaching Exceptional Children in Early Childhood

This course focuses on the developmental characteristics and quality practices for typical and atypical behaviors of young children.